Una Cubana Takes Off Her American Suit

Live now on Huffpost: Soy Somos: Una Cubana Takes Off Her American Suit.

It's a deeply felt conversation about returning to the land of your parents and grandparents that you never knew. Carolina, whom you've met before in Soy/Somos: I'm Not Yelling, I'm Cuban is married to a Welshman and has three adult kids. She's a fabulous dancer, loving wife, mother,  daughter, and sister. But during her recent visits to Cuba, she says, "I was me."

I understand. Though I emigrated from Panama almost fifty years ago and have returned many times, the feel of the air, the taste of the local oranges, the bathtub temperature of the mighty Pacific--all of these--pull at me. They are me.  Let's not even get into the dynamic of extended families in Latin America... 

Here are details about Cuba seen from the inside, not visible to ordinary tourists. Take a look. Would love to hear what you think.

Soy Somos: Una Cubana Takes Off Her American Suit.