Diego - Navigating Identity

Diego is a storyboard artist and illustrator from Puerto Rico who lives in New York. He discussed his work and the devastating issues still troubling Puerto Rico in Part 1. If you missed Diego, Storyboard Artist from Puerto Rico, click on the title in orange. Our conversation continues here, identity and multiculturalism squarely on the table.

Let me backtrack. I think my ethnicity and nationality are not things I carried on my sleeve when I arrived. But people’s reactions to me brought it to the conversation. This was more common when my accent was more noticeable. You know, looking the way I do—liminal—I am in between spaces. I’m very light skinned and have benefited from that privilege. I’m not seen as threatening, but there’s enough ethnicity in my bone structure that it invites curiosity. I get a lot of “Brazilian, right?” 

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