Soy/Somos: I Speak English

Queridos amigos y lectores,

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I interviewed a lovely woman last week. I fell in love with her as she told me her story. There are some tough episodes in her life--but she didn't want to dwell on those. Elba looks at the glass half full. Full, really. When she has an opportunity, she takes it. Does whatever is required.  I was quietly impressed.

This Latina immigrant arrived in the US from El Salvador when she was fifteen to live with her mother whom she hadn't seen since she was a little girl of four. Of course Elba is a full-fledged American now and knows it.  And she adds a word of caution to Latinos, "Speak to me in English. We shouldn't box ourselves, because everyone else already does."  


Our newest arrivals bring energy, creativity, and a willingness to do what it takes. On this July 4th, let me say that I too am grateful for this country. For what it has offered me. For opportunities to grow, to say and think whatever I want. For the protections of its constitution. For the wide range of people who live within its borders. Feliz cumpleaños Estados Unidos de America!  

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Soy/Somos: Ana: My Hero

Truly there are so may women heroes. They've been dealt a tough hand but strike out for survival. I've come across women like this among Hispanic immigrants who take on the jobs of maid, office cleaner, child care, nursing aide, and other. These women have crossed great distances to get here, often under terribly dangerous circumstances. 

They leave what they know and somehow make it in a strange new home. I celebrate Ana in this short post. Take a look. Have you met any heroes like her? 

Wishing you my friends on this journey a year of good health and adventures that fill your hearts.

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