At the Narrow Waist of the World

It’s not like you write a book and find a publisher and then go to the beach. (laugh track)  No. There’s so much more to do.

I release the book into your hands.

I release the book into your hands.

My memoir, At the Narrow Waist of the World, is two months from pub date. August 6 is the magic day. It’s been a long road, this business of book creation. Mine is a slender volume, six years in the making. Diving into old memories. Finding the words. Discovering that a mix of English and Spanish made the most music. I didn’t write the story with a plan in mind other than discovery: What transpired when I was a girl, an anxious mother, a suppression of self, the tenderness of a loving, extended family that nevertheless could not save you entirely. You make your own way.  

I have in my hands something in the shape of a book. It’s a thrill and a burden. How will I introduce my book—on my feet—not hidden behind pencil and paper?

I am grateful for lovely reviews from Ilan Stavans, Ruth Behar, Jane Gerber, and other wonderful writers and academics. You can find them here.

Some Ways You can Help:

* Preorder the book. My publisher, She Writes Press, is finalizing the number for the print run, and it really does help to have early orders.

*  Explore the rest of my website. I am proud of it. 

* Tell friends about the book. Ask your local bookstore or library to order it. 

* Let me know if you know someone in a position to review the book or interview me, author conversations, book clubs. It’s all about connections. 

* If you live near Westchester, it will be wonderful to see your face at the reading and launch in September. I will announce it.

Thank you dear friends and readers.