An Orange Letter Day!

Marlena Maduro Baraf's new website: Breathing In Spanish

This is an orange letter day for me! I finally found the courage to tackle making a website for my work. I was scared of the mumbo jumbo. But I did research and listened to a savvy primo who gave me the boiled down meaning of what I've been writing to date. You are 'breathing in Spanish' he said, in everything that you do.

While English is now my best language for self-expression, the cadences of my voice and my very thoughts are rooted in the language of my youth--Spanish.

I'd like this website and blog to be not a one-sided thing. I'd love to hear from readers and other writers. What do these stories mean to you? What are your experiences? Talk to me via comments on my blog or in the Comments section following published stories. I will do my best to continue the conversation. Just click on 'comment' and then write. Or click on 'share' to share in your favorite social media site.